Days Of Decay

March 31st, 2008

First post with WordPress 2.5. The Backend turned out quite nice and a little bit clearer. But so what, in the end I don’t really care about that ;)

I spent the whole last week and the weekend at home because somebody had to destroy my left eye, although it was kinda relaxing it was primarily boring. So I continued my MGS3 savegame on “hard” and tried to take pictures with my right eye (wich isn’t that hard if you just have to do it with your right eye), but developed just one film (in case of lacking a proper camera), which i messed up (at least not that hard as my rolls from romania) and wandered around alot.

Let’s go, I let you decide which b/w-pictures are digital and which are analog, it’s not that hard to figure out I think.

The Griesplatz, when you were around the other parts of Graz and finally come back to it you really realize why everybody is afraid of that place.

“Oiso i siach nur an Afro!”

It’s not funny as long as you don’t speak german, it contains a quite hard missspelled word.

Guy in my backyard with alot of trash, funny.

Guy doing some photography.

That’s an ugly jacket, wow.

Old guy being praised be thy lord, or just got hit by some light from above.

Photography, lesson one: Never look like you shit in your pants while shooting.

Hehe, georgious how that dog was looking at me.

Messed up hipshot, but I like it in some way.

Not really good, but it has a nice story: Some people were looking at me while I took that picture, when I was leaving the scene i recognized somebody following me. A couple of meters later i heard a loud “Geh Scheiss he!” (“Your sisters cunt!”), turned around and saw a maybe 14 year old girl which obviously tried to shoot me, but lost me in the crowd. Okay, not THAT good story …

“I love you like nothing else in the world stupid shit blablabla”

I saw him already two or three minutes before writing that SMS, must have been thousands of words …

Let’s cut his legs (just the photographic “cut” of course)!

Wow, that’s what I call a perfectly hipshot, dangerous gangsters perfectly nailed from just a meter of distance.

Just imagine the guy in the front right focused!

I did some colorshots too.

For my romanian friends ;)

I like that one very much, guessed focus, shot from the hip, perfect.

The same, not that perfect but a really nice facial expression.

And again, I’m good with young people ;)

Serious ladder-business s’going on.

Yeah, please put that on, it gives you that smart touch! A present from my father maybe ten years ago, still looks like new, not bad.